Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on assisting people with their daily occupations. For children, their daily occupations are play and self- help skills. Occupational Therapists work with children, their parents, education providers and other relevant people to enhance a child's ability to participate in social settings, play, and to develop their fine and gross motor skills.


Alicia Frost Occupational Therapy can provide a variety of services and reports to assist schools with the inclusion of children with additional needs.

Funding reports

Assessments and comprehensive reports to support funding applications for children with additional needs.


Pre-school and School entry screening of fine and gross motor skills to assist with school readiness and identifying developmental areas that require support at school.

General assessment

A comprehensive assessment and report to assist in program planning and support of teachers and integration aides.

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

ABA is an approach that can assist children with Autism to learn new skills in their natural environment. Complex skills are broken down into steps to assist the teaching of fine motor, gross motor, self-help, social and academic skills. ABA can also assist in helping children to modify challenging behaviour and replace these with more appropriate behaviours.


We are able to run several different workshops to assist parents and teachers in their understanding of Autism, Sensory Processing, Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting, and Play Development.
A full day professional development workshop designed specifically to help teachers understand Autism is available.
Teachers will learn strategies to assist with educating students with Autism and how to manage challenging behaviour.